No time? No problem.

Here is a glimpse into a typical college student’s schedule: class, study, work, study, eat, study, sleep, study.

Not surprisingly, students struggle daily to manage their time in ways that would most benefit them. Whether it’s scheduling school, work, volunteer or club events students are losing more and more time to focus on themselves.

Every student should understand the importance of finding time for themselves. Think of it as time to relax and restore your selfdom. Consider this mantra: If you feel good, then you’ll do good. A college life demands 99.9% of students’ attention and it seems like you might not have additional time for yourself, but I’m here to tell you there is time. (Make note of that 0.01% of time that wasn’t mentioned.)

Keep in mind that time for yourself is not limited to fitness and could include reading, meditating, watching TV, etc. But why wouldn’t you want to do something that gets the heart racing and the blood pumping?

The following workout routine can be modified to fit any student’s schedule and fitness level.

100 jumping jacks
3 minute air cycling
30 crunches
30 leg lifts
30 squats
30 lunges
15 push-ups
1 minute plank

Repeat 3-5 times

The workout routine above is quite simple and takes little time to complete. The number of rounds and the type of exercise performed can vary according to any student’s preferences and time. I hope everyone understands what that means, but for those of you who don’t let me explain. NO EXCUSES. Now any student can find time for themselves and add a beneficial workout to their rather busy schedules.


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