Hi and welcome all!

As a college student, I understand the difficulties that come with studying for exams and developing the skills that will make or break that internship or job opportunity. Moreover, I’m aware that college students have to juggle work, relationships, finances (or the lack thereof), social interactions and whatever else on top of dealing with a full-time student schedule.

With that said, I can relate to the endless internal struggle to make healthy choices during the prime collegiate months of August through April. Most of us overlook the importance of living a healthy lifestyle in exchange for what is fast, easy and cheap. However, I am here to tell you that being a full-time student while also living a healthy lifestyle is very doable and greatly satisfying.

A Slender Gator is a fitness blog dedicated to the health and wellness of students all across the nation, not just those at the University of Florida. (As if the title didn’t give away my geographical location or collegiate loyalty.) Fitness embodies more than just physical exercise but nutrition, balance and the mind as well. Look here for weekly updates on the various ways you, among all college students, can maintain a daily fitness routine during one of the most busiest times of our lives.