How to Slim Down with the Internet

Many people think the journey to a healthier lifestyle begins with a gym membership that sells all the protein powder, get-fit DVDs and personal training classes “needed” to succeed. Gym memberships provide countless accommodations for people but at a cost most cannot afford. Trust in this that all you need is access to the internet to begin a healthier journey free of cost.

Whether you’re using a computer or a phone, these three websites provide various forms of exercises and routines in an easy-to-use format.

The BeFit channel on Youtube uploads free, high-quality workout videos that anyone can follow along to at anytime and anywhere. The channel provides an overall health experience for people because of its diverse videos that include the various types of exercise, nutritional tips, mobile workouts and music playlists.

The BeFit channel is easy to navigate, and viewers are guaranteed to see results thanks to the directions and tips from top trainers in the industry.

The team behind BodyRock arranges hight-intensity workouts and nutritional tips that users in all levels of fitness can follow and achieve great results. The website reaches out to people through various social media outlets and includes a blog that covers six different topics of a healthy lifestyle.

BodyRock has over 130 workout videos for people to choose from even if you have only 12 minutes to spare. Also, the fitness community is available on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube.

Finally, the experts behind SparkPeople provide customizable workouts in areas of cardio, strength and yoga for people of all ages. The website offers a plethora of videos, and those who want a quick search can use the website’s workout finder to locate a specific workout. SparkPeople advertises for its ability to offer fun, free and effective workouts to the public.

The website offers plenty of workout videos and each is organized by time, exercise type and other attributes under the workout finder.

With the help of these three websites, among others, a healthier lifestyle is just a click away. The internet offers every exercise and nutritional advice imaginable thanks to the guidance of top experts in the industry. Trainers from all over the world are easily accessible online and can help those struggling to reach short and long-term health goals.

Start clicking and find the right exercise routine for you today!



Running For a Cause: 5Ks

An exercise routine doesn’t always have to be a mundane task completed on the same days at the same time each week. We’ve gone over the variability of bodyweight exercises, but another great way to switch up a routine is to run a 5K. You don’t have to be an expert runner to sign up for a 5K because running isn’t a requirement. Participates can walk, run, skip or even crawl to the finish line if they so desire.

The importance of a 5K is more than just getting out and being healthy, but about running (or walking) for a cause. The money raised for each event is donated to various foundations that both brings awareness to the cause and contributes to finding a cure. Most 5Ks are themed and past events include The Color Run, The R.O.C. Race (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) and The 5K Foam Fest.

The term 5K is short for five kilometers, which is the length of the run. In American terms, the length stretches to about three miles. Three miles isn’t that long of a run or walk. If you plan to run the event, think about each mile as 10 minute segments. In theory, you could run the event in 30 minutes give or take a little if you take any breaks. Remember that walking isn’t frowned upon at the event because what matters most is the cause of your walk or run.

In January 2016, I ran the Color in Motion 5K for the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. Personally, I wanted to train for the event so that I could attempt to run the entire course. I stopped twice for short breaks but was able to finish the 5K in about 45 minutes, all while being pelted with colored powder. What an accomplishment! 5Ks are a creative alternative to any workout routine that also gives people the opportunity to give back to the community.

Although the events are not free, the cost isn’t too high and includes the purchase of a t-shirt for the event. Also, the money goes towards a great cause and that’s more than enough reason to workout for a small price.

Quick Guide: Yogalates In The Park

One of the key objectives behind A Slender Gator is to provide free fitness to students by way of activities, classes or at-home workouts. Like most cities, Gainesville has a variety of opportunities that offer people the ability to exercise for free. An opportunity I have recently taken with friends is Yogalates In The Park, which is a free class taught on Saturday mornings downtown at the Thomas Center.

For those who don’t know, yogalates is an exercise regime that mixes yoga stretches with pilates moves. (And no, it is not a yoga class that provides free lattes.) Another way of looking at it is that yogalates is an engaging exercise that combines the calming, soothing atmosphere of yoga with the muscle-strengthening techniques of pilates.

Yogalates In The Park is free of charge but there is an option to give donations to the instructor. Typically, the class begins at 8:30 a.m. and lasts for about an hour or two. The instructor incorporates her own instructions and procedures for the class, but also includes the student’s preferences, such as targeted body exercises.

If you are new to the practices of yogalates, bear in mind that if you start a class in the middle of the season the exercises will be very challenging and hard to complete. Like any exercise regime, yogalates has different levels and requires the body to work up to each level. For instance, I am new to yogalates and after my first class my body was sore for at least three days. The exercises were hard to maintain for a certain amount of time because I didn’t have any arm or core strength like the more experienced members of the class.

However, don’t let the challenging aspects of yogalates discourage you from trying out a class. The notion of a free fitness class should be motivation enough to attend but, if it’s not, think of the lean, toned body you will have within a few weeks of taking yogalates.