3 Tips for Your Stadium Workout

Stadiums (also known as running bleachers/stairs) offer more than just seats and concession stands, but the perfect destination for students to workout no matter the season. Stadium workouts combine the cardio of running with bodyweight exercises that help build strength and endurance. The combination provides students with a full-body workout without having to leave campus or bother with clunky machines.

Cardio alone will not keep the freshmen 15 away. Bodyweight exercises build lean muscle with strength training while adding other health benefits along the way. The types of stadium workouts are vast thanks to the variability of bodyweight exercises, but choosing the exercises is crucial.

If you’re new to the stadium workout or found it too overwhelming to try, consider these three tips to get the best out of your next routine.

  1. Find a partner

Like any fitness routine, stadium workouts are more bearable when a friend or partner is there to cheer, sweat and cry alongside you. Exercising alone can have many negative impacts on a fitness routine, especially injury. Look for someone who will motivate you to reach any health or fitness goals you may have and later surpass them.

2.  Choose the right exercises

Finding the right exercises for a routine can be a little daunting once you consider how many there are to choose from. Don’t let the amount of exercises discourage you from continuing with a routine, but simply search for bodyweight exercise routines that already exist. Routines vary by fitness levels and time frames so everyone can find one that is right for him or her.

3.  Pick a time of day

Although the majority of students struggle to balance time for classes and work, finding the time to workout is easier than it seems. Besides off-campus jobs, students spend most of their time on campus typically in class, at the library or dining with friends in the food court. Now, with stadium workouts on the rise, students no longer have to leave campus to  workout. Usually, a stadium is accessible at all times of the day and part of the night. The important part is finding what time is best to workout at the stadium once you consider class, work and the stadium’s availability.

With the help of these three tips, a healthier lifestyle is yet another step closer.